Monday, January 16, 2012

Efficacy FRUIT Dates

Welcome O Ramadan! Ramadan is coming soon. Among the hallmark of the coming of Ramadan, the Muslim family homes provide a date to Iftar. In almost every Muslim family's house, we will find a date. Rather round-shaped fruit that is black or brownish it is well suited to use as appetizers. Because sugar content contained in these fruits can be directly absorbed by our bodies, so that was a day of fasting will come back feeling refreshed. Sugar content in different dates with the sugar content in other foods. Because the sugar content which usually must be described first and is absorbed by the body.
Actual dates are not only suitable to be consumed in the month of fasting alone, given the efficacy and benefits are considerable. Here are some of the properties of the dates that we summarized from various sources;
1. Tamr (dried dates) serves to strengthen the intestinal cells and can help smooth the urinary tract because it contains fibers in charge of controlling the rate of bowel movements and strengthen the uterus, especially when giving birth.
2. Ruthab (wet dates) to prevent bleeding for women in childbirth and accelerate the process of positioning the womb as usual before the next pregnancy. This is because the fresh dates contained oxytocine hormone-like hormone that may help the birth process. Oxytocine hormone is a hormone that one of its functions to help when a woman or a female giving birth and breastfeeding.
3. Facilitate the delivery and assist the safety of the mother and baby. Recent research states that the fruit ruthab (wet dates) has the effect of controlling the rate of motion of the uterus and increase the systolenya (contraction of the heart when blood is pumped into the arteries).
4. Dates, whether or ruthab Tamr can calm nerve cells through its influence on the thyroid. Therefore, doctors recommend giving a few dates in the morning to the children and the elderly, in order to better mental state. Date palm juice is also an effective antidote to overcome the problem of insomnia. Dates can prevent stroke.
5. Dates are highly recommended as food for iftar. There are things that have been defined in the field of medicine that the sugar and water is the first time that people need to hold fast after a period of eating and drinking. Reduced glucose (sugars) in the body can lead to constriction of the chest and disorders of the bones. On the other hand, the reduced water can weaken and reduce endurance. This is different from the people fasted immediately fill his stomach with food and drink when breaking the fast. Though he takes three hours or more so that digestion can absorb these sugars. Therefore, people who eat food and drink when iftar can still feel the phenomenon of weakness and disorder, physical disorder caused by lack of sugars and water.
6. Date palm fruit is rich in substances that neutralize acidic mineral salts, such as Calcium and Potassium. Dates are the best foods to neutralize existing acid in the stomach due to leave the rest to be able to neutralize the acid after chewed and digested arising from consuming protein such as fish and eggs. Dates that are recognized as Phoenix dactylifera L. can treat a chronic intestinal disorder, which clash with gluten, block the absorption of nutrients completely.
7. Dates contain vitamin A which is good where he can maintain eye moisture and foresight, strengthen vision, bone growth, fat metabolism, immunity to infection, skin health and soothe the nerve cells. Dates also contain lots of potassium needed by the body to the nervous system. Indeed, in milk, yogurt and seafood also contain potassium, but few in number. Taking too much potassium can stimulate the appetite for the diseased as well as great for those who suffer from constipation, muscle weakness, body aches, tired, lethargic, depressed and strengthen memory.
8. In the field of medicine with the absence of cholesterol, fat and sugar in dates, he was very good to relieve high blood pressure. Dates contain a lot of iron which can help overcome the problem of anemia or deficiency of red blood cells.
9. For those who have problems coughing, palm juice can be used as medicine. Because the sugar content in fruit dates can relieve itching in the throat at once stop the cough.
ok magazine readers .. that's all the properties of a date, hopefully our deeds accepted by Allah SWT amiiin