Saturday, February 11, 2012


Story teller : Although he was a coward , the prince was very handsome. Soon he married a beautiful princess .
Princess : You are so handsome and i love you very much , my husband. I am very happy with you, but my happiness will not be complete until you fight my country.
Prince : Fight? Who? Me? Never say that again. I don’t like fighting.
Princess : but my country has many enemies.
Prince : then pay some soldiers to fight for you. Oh, the idea of fighting makes me feel ill. I must go and lie down.
Story teller : the princess thought he was not serious, but one night enemy soldiers attacked their palace
Princess : the enemy is attacking. Lead my army
Prince : i’m not well. I think i am going to have a fever. Tell the enemy to attacknext year. I’ll be better then.
Princess : if you won’t lead the army, then i must. Give me your sword and clothes.
Prince : an excellent idea. I’ll help you to put them on. Oh, yes, my dear, you make a fine soldier good luck. I’m so sorry i’m not well enough to help you.
Story teller : and so the princess led her soldiers to victory while her husband stayed at home. After the battle she hurried back to the palace.
Princess : the people must think that you led the army. Put on your clothes and show yourself to the crowd outside the palace.
Prince : what a good idea.
Story teller : he put on the blood-staned clothes and walked on to the palace steps. There he raised his sword and shouted .......
Prince : victory! Victory is ours.
crowd : hurrahhh! Three cheers for our brave prince.
Story teller : during the following months, the princess took her husband’s clothes and sword and fought many battles for him. One day, however, she decided to play a trick on him.
Oleh: lavender 11-12