Sunday, April 15, 2012

Three Children and a Cat

Carol and Mark are married and have two boys and a girl. The girl’s name is Erin, and the boy’s names are Tim and Alex. They also have a cat named Tabby.
Erin is 17, she is the oldest child. The studies in senior high school and will graduate in June. She is an excellent student and the captain of basketball team.
Tim is 12 and he is in the seventh grade. He is good in school and Maths is the only subject he enjoys. He also plays the piano and the guitar. The last is Alex. He is in the kindergarten and thinks school is fun , but he frequently gets into trouble at school. They also have a pet named tabby. Tabby is a young and active cat who is always playing and jumping. The children love tabby very much. Tabby has become a part of the family.
At the library
Santi meets Rina at the library, Santi introduces herself to Rina
Santi : Good Morning !! Hi… I’m Santi
Rina : Morning, I’m Rina
Santi : What are you doing here ?
Rina : I am reading a book
Santi : What kind of books do you like ?
Rina : I like reading novels and comics
Santi : Oh….. I see, may I borrow your book sometime ?
Rina : Yes, certainly it would be pleasure
Santi : Thank you, glad to see you
Rina : Glad to see you too

There is a class here. I am in the class. I have a ruler and pencil on the table. I have a pair of compasses in the drawer. Do you have a sharpener in the pocket ? This protractor is mine and this book is yours. The map is the teacher’s . That is the teacher’s map.
This boy is Hamid. He has a father and mother. The father is in the house and the mother is in the kitchen. Is there a room in the house ? Is there a room in the kitchen ? “Maryam! This room is yours. There is a bed in the room and it is yours.”
I have a bed in the room. On the bed is pillow or …………………… There is dining-table beside the bed. It is mine. The table has drawer. The drawer has a key . does the door have a key ? …………………
There is a garden behind the house. There is a tree in the garden. There is a man under the tree. He is a servant. He has a broom. What does the servant have ? …………………